Villas for sale in Jebel Ali Village

Find and buy a villa in Jebel Ali Villages. The site provides a list of all properties: houses and villas available for purchase.
Welcome to Jebel Ali Villas where you will find excellent property in Dubai for sale.
Jebel Ali Village is a huge residential complex consisting of four separate communities with luxurious villas, spacious houses and sublime-looking mansions. Villas have four to five bedrooms and are designed and decorated in Moroccan and Mediterranean styles. Such design creates an atmosphere of relaxed chic and exuberant lifestyle. Townhouses in the village have three to four bedrooms designed in line with the latest trends and well-thought through for your comfortable living. The village offers a unique living experience amongst beautiful modern architecture and luscious greenery.

In Jebel Ali Village, you will find open layouts, state-of-the-art sport facilities and a myriad of other amenities, which will simplify and diversify your life. Take a relaxing stroll in the village’s proper park or throw a picnic by the picturesque pond. If you are fond of sporting activities, there is a cycling trail and a mountain bike trail constructed for your convenience. You can spend a hot day by the swimming pool, or if the weather allows, arrange a championship of the neighborhood at the village’s sport zones, such as tennis courts, for example.

A special gem of the village is the community farm. If you are tired of the supermarket quality products and would like to eat healthier food, you can cultivate it yourself within your own residential area. Share your gardening secrets and tips with your neighbors and enjoy the fruits of your labor together by throwing a huge garden party for everyone in the area. You kids will grow up in a safe and friendly space close to nature. They will have an opportunity to socialize with other children in the community’s playground.

This neighborhood will soon become the most desired residential area in AED. Jebel Ali Village is situated within easy access of the primary spots in Dubai. You will live close to everything you need in your day-to-day life: from malls, restaurants and entertainment centers, to churches and temples.

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